Magical spells have been found in many ancient civilizations. There are many countries that use incantations, spells, and other rituals of intention to invoke deities and complete steps to change the physical world and the psychic mind. The power of spell casting has enthralled people from all walks of life. Spiritual beliefs play into this notion of a higher power also.

Any discussion of spell casting must, by the above definition and those beliefs of practicing magic users, speak of the deities attached to spell work and the concept of the Universe. Wikipedia defines the Universe as “everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will exist”. Placed next to magic and spell casting that is an accurate description, as tradition suggests that everything has energy and magic spells utilize energy to affect change. It follows, therefore that something greater than ourselves has enough energy to make that change happen. Of course, the strength of a person’s spirit and vigor and the energy produced from that in itself will have some influence also.

Practitioners like Trisha report that the Universe responds to the use of spells in many ways. We know that spells can be exhibited both by words (the spell itself), and by action (the ritual use of tools, herbs and gestures, among other examples) to complete the entirety of a spell. Based on that principle, we can use spells in the form of specific targets of a person’s desire, use of prayer, visualization and other means to achieve this connection with the Universe, Divine energy or whatever term one uses to express their understanding.

Take, for example, prayer. This is one of the personal means to connect with the Divine. It can be in the ritualized form of folding the hands, reading from a prayer book, praying aloud with others, and even use of the world-wide web to connect across the miles. Whatever the method, prayer is absolutely a spell. It uses words and ritual to express to the Universe our needs and desires. So much so that many believe it is the ultimate avenue to connection with the Universe and the deities which represent that consummate power. And because prayer is a spell, there will be manifestations of that energy release. That could be in the form of self-talk where you use affirmations and visualization to create that reality, or perhaps a sense of guidance such as that inner voice telling you to go out and take a walk, commune with nature or light a candle to meditate. This knowledge is a manifestation of the Universe working through your spell (Prayer) to help you. This communication may not be appropriate for others, and the sharing of these may invalidate the strength of the spell, or just simply cause you to look as if you are bragging that you had communication from the Universe. Whatever form the manifestation takes, trust that it will bring you closer to what the Universe has in store for you.

Based on above knowledge, practitioners will tell you that anything you create by using words and ritual will come back to you in kind. Wiccan beliefs regard this as the “Law of Three”, meaning that whatever is put out to the Universe will come back to a person threefold. So, if a spell is cast for happiness, expect that an abundance of happiness will be returned to the caster or that person whose wish has been cast by another by the power of three. A very nice concept to contemplate, right? And, absolutely the reverse would be true for negativity released into the Universe. This could be in the form of illness, the rebound of a spell back to the caster or other dire consequences multiplied times three. If someone wishes serious illness on another, and the spell is cast, practitioners will warn that person to look ahead to something similar happening to them, possibly resulting in disability or even death. This is something to seriously consider when asking for a magic spell. What do you want and what will the Universe demand of you for that wish?

We as finite humans do not have all the answers obviously. But we can draw on the experience and knowledge of others to assist in creating those answers we need in the here and now and possibly, the future. That is where the use of a powerful and authentic practitioner like Trisha, one who has had extensive training and has the skill to seek those answers for us come into play. Scott Cunningham, in his book, Living Wicca, wrote this (paraphrased). “Where is the Universe (God, or Goddess)? It doesn’t reside in any one part of us; it’s simply within. It exists in our DNA. It is infused into every part of our being.” His definition coincides with the one earlier in Wikipedia. Using energies, we connect on a personal level to that sense within, which helps us to contact the manifestation of the Universe and its deities.

Our basic human nature does not connect with the Universe on a continual basis, but primarily when we have needs through a crisis, or extreme stress both physical and spiritual. Our relationships, both positive and negative, our connection to others, be it family or associations, our means of creating the ability to take care of ourselves and others; these are a portion of those things that can upset the apple cart, so to speak. It is then when we turn to magic spells to with the expectation to receive from the Universe that which will improve the situation. Because of the acceptance of the Universe in its totality, we know in our hearts that situations will work out for the greater good. Call it Karma, luck, kismet or whatever, the truth is that the Universe will act accordingly, beyond our understanding in many cases.

This brings us to faith; in ourselves, others and the Universe. If energy is the driving forces in spell work, it stands to reason that whatever energies we call upon for that manifestation must come from a center of belief, the understanding that we are not alone, that there is another entity capable of managing all that is, was, or will be. We are not alone in this world and thankfully we have that peace and hope to rely upon. That’s why spells work so effectively. Faith in the wish to be true, faith in that skilled practitioner to draw the proper energies, and faith in the Universe to provide the best answer or solution. Step out in faith, ask for the spell to draw the manifestation, and then sit back. The Universe will provide the answer.