Probably the best outcome of online spells is the ability to keep the spell private. Usually, no one wants too many people to be aware of the casting, or the fact that they are paying for someone to do that for them. And it provides a better outcome if there are not too many energies mixed up in the casting. In the search for the right spell caster, one extremely important aspect is the validity of the spells this person casts. Identifying these truths can be accomplished using the following strategies.

Does the spell have all of the details needed for completion?

1. Look for an explanation of what the spell is. Is it for returning a love to your life? Or perhaps for money or health? There should be a brief description of the spell and its desired outcome in order for you to ask questions of your caster.

2. Are there any rituals that need to be completed before the casting of the spell? Do you need to learn some meditation techniques to align your mind with that of the practitioner? Is there some cleansing that needs to occur before the casting? Are there some letters to be written or candles to be lit on your part for a successful spell? If you don’t know for sure, as you read the spell make a list of your questions and bring them up as you two discuss the spell itself.

3. What are the ingredients listed? Are there special herbs or spices that might be needed for the spell to be effective? What will these items cost? Do you need to supply a photograph of the two of you if it is a love spell? Or a letter of intent to solidify the spell?

4. Does the spell need to be cast at a certain time of the month? Or at a certain time of the moon cycle to be effective? Some spells are more effective when the moon is growing larger (Waxing) or when it is getting smaller (Waning). It may need to be done when an astrological aspect is in a certain place in its cycle compared to a planet (Mars in the 5th house of your aspects).

5. Are there any other tasks or responsibilities you need to be aware of? Your practitioner should be able to walk you through additional information at the time of your consultation. Be sure to follow his/her advice in a most timely manner. This will provide the best outcome to expedite the casting.

While looking through the spells offered on your caster’s web site, be sure to list several of those that draw your attention. Let your intuition be your guide as you search. One important thing to remember is that only one wish at a time should be dealt with. There is a good reason for that. There are so many different energies out there and asking a practitioner to deal with more than one problem is courting disaster. As Trisha would tell you, it confuses the Universe as to the true intention for the casting and might create the possibility of no results at all. That is neither your wish or the desires of the caster. Results are what the whole project is about.

Also, as you research your spell and the person you wish to assist you, make sure that all of their spells are not the “Jack-in-the-Box” variety. Does every spell in their listings have the same wording? Do they all look alike except for the title at the top? Is there a good feeling about the desired outcome when you read the spell? The uniqueness of each spell might indicate that the caster does have a world of experience and doesn’t believe that all people just need to have only one certain type of spell for any given situation. Yes, there are tried and true ways of casting, but the experienced caster sees each individual that comes to them and will adjust according to their needs. This ability comes from knowing the practice of their art and realizing that no two people are alike. It is a beautiful thing to see them transform the spell for your situation when you have found the right person.

The most valuable information you could identify at this time about online spells is to trust the process but be an active participant. The outcome of the spell lies in both you and your practitioner’s hands. Yours is a responsibility of trust and his/hers is one of experience and ability. From the start of the spell to the fulfillment of your wish is a wonderful journey and with the right spell caster it is a beautiful adventure.