This question has been asked by many an inquiring mind over the centuries. Perhaps it is a magical aura held over an entity. Or, an incantation spoken either in the mind or out loud to affect some sort of change or action. To bedevil, beguile, control, enchant, enrapture, trick, bamboozle, hex, hypnotize…… Whew! Definitions can boggle the mind and cause one to be overwhelmed. Another good word!

Really, though, it is quite simple. Probably the best definition is found above: an incantation spoken either in the mind or out loud to affect some sort of change or action. Authentic spell casters would most likely agree, as the purpose of most written spells is to affect some sort of change for the intended party requesting it’s use. Spells use the energies found all around us to give the spell strength. The stronger the energies, the stronger the spell. Spells can be cast by individuals or by groups with power, typically called covens.

We will investigate further the role of the person who has the wish when creating a spell later, but there are a few things to consider at this point. Do you believe strongly in the intention of the spell you want casted? This means have you invested more than a little energy in what this will mean to you? Is your intention coming from a place of reality? In other words, have you thought through to the implications of what this spell might do to you or the other person involved?

Practitioners do agree that spells can be from either white (considered “benign”) magic through to the black (considered “darker”) magic. The range is similar to a pendulum, where white flows in one direction and black flows in the other. Keep in mind that black magic can have negative consequences for the person who has requested the casting, so use caution.

There are suggested uses for colors in magic spells. White is for purification and cleansing. Green is balance, but can used for money and many prosperity spells. Pink is typically used for love. Red is a symbolic color for energy as in the Sun. but can also be used in some magics, such a voodoo, for the symbol for blood. Brown is commonly used for earth magic, as the magics of Druids. Blue is naturally for water magics and calming. Yellows are for inner wisdom and may also be used for fire. Purple is for understanding and wisdom. Orange symbolizes change or zest. Grey indicates serenity. Finally, Black illustrates protection and absorbs all negative energies, hence the use of black for many who are spell casters to prevent negativity from entering the place of spell casting.

The list of the types of spells can be lengthy, but usually falls into several tidy categories.

Love spells are perhaps the most common of all the spells and the most requested by those seeking help. They can range from the most simple of love spells to attract a new love to more complicated ones involving letting go of a departed loved one or finding that once-in-a-lifetime soul-mate. Preventing a divorce or the facilitation of someone leaving permanently from a love relationship can also be included. When seeking spells for love or the lack thereof, practitioners will conduct in-depth interviews if they are authentic, to determine how best to proceed. They may direct you to their site to peruse their spells or may feel that constructing a special spell molded to your wish may be in order. Sometimes, the spell caster will recommend a series of spells that will fit your needs best.

Wealth spells are very popular also. Who doesn’t want to be rich or have the ability to travel, or even win the lottery? As with all spells that are used, the practitioner may require you to do some foot work to facilitate the success of the spell. This may involve hitting the bricks for that job interview, where wealth will come in the form of a new paycheck. Or, placing that add in the paper for that new business you are opening to gain prosperity in the form of new clientele. It may even come in the form of an inheritance or some other monies coming your way unexpectedly. The Universe is mysterious in the ways it allows people to prosper.

Healing spells also provide relief in times of trials. A spell can be cast for the healing from a surgical procedure or injury. Healing can be requested for old trauma or traumatic stress. It can be as simple as requesting that an exam or x-ray turn out positively. Or, this type of spell can be used to cause stomach problems, physical injury or other adverse outcomes. The pendulum can swing both ways. Again, your spell caster is wise in the arts and can steer the spell to achieve the outcome you wish.

Unusual spells hint of the types of needs that are not so common or that spell that needs to be crafted for a specific need not covered by the typical spells used by many. Aura cleansing is used to cleanse your aura or energy field for better energy flow and openness to psychic power. Spells can be cast to remove the negativity of a certain person blocking your path to success. It could be calling forth the animal spirit inside of you for that extra intuitive sense that animals can bring us. Perhaps you wish to combine two spells to give your life that double whammy to influence outcomes to a greater degree than one spell might accomplish. Whatever the wish, trust that authentic spell caster to create the special spell (or spells) that will push you forward the way you wish.

This is a bird’s-eye view of the spell and its many special qualities. People dream of “what ifs” all the time. Few can push themselves to reach out to an authentic spell caster to send energy and power into the Universe through the use of spells to visualize and consummate that dream. Take the plunge and go online to reach people like Trisha for that ultimate experience. Your belief in the absolute possibility of that goal will cause that spell to materialize for you. It will awaken the energy inside to live a happy and healthy life where you are loved and can love others.